The vehicle also features USB-C charging for every passenger along with multi-device Bluetooth. The autopilot advanced safety feature offers great convenience and assists you while driving. The Model Y has the capacity to carry 7 passengers with a maximum cargo capacity of 2,158 litres. Read on to find more details about the specs and prices of the upcoming Tesla 2022 models. Green is the way to go and every small in this direction can go a long way. Electric cars, green parking lots and energy-efficient technologies are making their presence felt in a big way.

— Mileage per day is limited to 250Km for sports & Luxury cars as per the rental agreement any overage the state mileage for specified rental days shall be chargeable AED 20/km. If you are looking at buying a Tesla, but are not sure whether it will suit you or not and want to carry out a test drive first, then renting Tesla is just the way for you. By renting Tesla in Dubai for any period of time, you can safely and slowly get acquainted with all the functionality and drive more than one hundred kilometers.

Rent A Mercedes Amg G63 2020 In Dubai

Our chauffeurs are always ready to adapt to your needs and that elevates the experience of hiring and riding a luxury Tesla in Dubai further. A luxury Tesla Model Y rental can be a fun and interesting experience. At TLT, GMC Yukon for rent we ensure that we go that extra mile to make your visit to Dubai memorable and comfortable.

The vehicles boast interiors set in genuine leather and high-quality metal. We can offer just about anything additional that you require to make your commute comfortable. Rent Tesla in dubai tesla rental, you’re saving the environment with its electric motors set at the front and back of the car.

Rent A Ford Mustang 2 3 Ecoboost In Dubai

A futuristic design, complete comfort, incredible power and absolute eco-friendliness – such a set of attractions is hard to resist. Rent an innovative electric car of the world-famous Tesla brand to get an opportunity to touch the future right now. Allow yourself to enjoy driving around the UAE in a fantastic car. Tesla is an American automotive and energy company which specializes in electric cars.

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